Skills for Living: Dr. Audrey Huberman

Presentations / Workshops

SKILLS FOR LIVING (SFL) presentations and workshops focus on teaching social, emotional and behavioural skills to families, parents, teachers, students and professionals.

All workshops are designed to teach “social-emotional” intelligence and encourage successful living. Families and parents of all forms learn to manage the complexities of parenting and family life while individuals learn to improve their current level of social-emotional functioning in their academic, professional and/or personal lives.

Presentations are taught using a variety of pedagogical methods. Teaching techniques are aligned with workshop goals, topic and audience and include simulations, interactive exercises, role-playing, visual aids and direct instruction.

Workshops and presentations are tailor made to meet the needs of each organization. Past topics include strategies for parenting and teaching children with learning disabilities and/or attention deficits; building self-esteem and social competence in students with and without learning disabilities and/or attention deficits; parenting for the social side of anaphylaxis/food allergies; emotional regulation, anger management and impulse control and communicating effectively with faculty and employers by reading and using verbal and non-verbal content.

SFL presentations and workshops have been engaged by various educational institutions including the Learning Disabilities Association Toronto District, “AccessAbility” services at the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus along with Toronto district non-profit and public schools.

SFL presentations and workshops are carefully designed to teach the social, emotional and behavioural skills that develop social-emotional intelligence and optimize well-being.