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Since 2004, I have authored, taught and lectured on social, emotional, behavioural and executive function skills. Skill-building activities are the hallmark of my practice, presentations and post-graduate lectures. I have designed and taught half a dozen different courses that relate to and inform my work. These courses include content on family dynamics, social-emotional development, adult development, creative therapies, infant mental health and the philosophy of education.


Social Skills

Children can maximize their social efficacy by learning and practising social interactions. Within this age group, skill-building focuses on knowing and expressing feelings, joining in and/or moving on, perspective-taking and problem-solving.

Building a social network, managing peer pressure, bully-proofing, and effective communication (in-person and online) are select skills within this age group. Practical, real-life exercises solidify skills while simultaneously nurturing friendships and contributing to a strong sense of self.

The socialization process begins at home with the parent-child relationship. To build care, cooperation, and consideration – the three Cs of intimacy- into familial and extended relationships, skills focus on active listening, setting limits and effective communication.

Social skills continue to mediate an individual’s success throughout one’s lifespan. Adults benefit from skill-building in the social arts of persuasion, assertion, negotiation and conflict resolution. Problem-solving and goal setting further support the process, as personal purpose directs individual effort.

Emotional Skills
While emotions are meant to function as human antennae, they often confound and confuse information rather than clarify it. Instruction in self-awareness, empathy and problem-solving helps children navigate their inner world to adapt more effectively and efficiently.

Building on the emotion-behaviour connection, youth learn to identify and communicate emotional material purposefully, recognize which emotions and associated thoughts are driving their behaviour and modify or replace them if necessary to facilitate personal growth.

Emotion plays a pivotal role in parenting, as it forms the basis for all behaviour. Skill development includes learning about the “emotion-behaviour” connection, building an emotional vocabulary, recognizing the emotion driving a parenting practice and choosing to operate from those that nurture deliberate rather than reactive habits.

Emotional knowledge, expression and regulation continue to support personal success throughout one’s lifespan. Consequently, skills in this domain include identifying functional and non-functional emotional patterns to design mindful and strategic growth.

Behavioural Skills
To a large extent, children play a role in how they are perceived and cared for. Like a magnet, their behaviour can either attract or repel. This age group’s focus is learning and practising the key behaviours that encourage social competence – such as respecting personal space, waiting and accepting limits.

Deciding who to “be” and what behaviours to “wear” are major developmental tasks of adolescence. Therefore, youth learn how their behaviours land on others. Skill-building focuses on presenting an intentional self and aligning behaviour with predetermined goals.

Since caregivers model behaviours, parents have the dominant hand in ensuring that their children adopt healthy and appropriate behaviours. Consequently, skill-building focuses on demonstrating pro-social behaviours, eliminating and managing maladaptive ones, and supporting children’s behavioural deficits and excesses.

Behaviour increases in importance as others become less forgiving of improper conduct, and potential losses increase significantly. Skill-building in body language, eye contact, word choice, moving in and out of personal and professional conversations and contexts dominate this area of concentration.

Learning Skills
Children are innately motivated to explore and learn from their environments. Their continued enthusiasm link to the outcomes they experience. Introduction to executive function skills or the cognitive processes of planning, organizing, prioritizing, shifting, memorizing and checking leads to positive results and continued motivation.

Academic performance becomes of increased importance during this developmental stage. Learning smart with critical executive function skills like planning, organizing and prioritizing increase academic performance and satisfaction. Students regain their love of learning as they experience increased control over their educational outcomes.

Juggling the conflicting demands of paid and unpaid work is a common feature of this life stage. Understanding and employing critical executive function skills – planning, organizing, prioritizing, shifting, memorizing and checking – decrease the complexity and stress inherent to caregiving.

Mastery of the executive function skills of prioritizing and shifting remains significant as adults attempt to achieve a manageable work-life balance. Training in these domains facilitate decision-making, improve role satisfaction and reduce inefficiency, resulting in an overall sense of well-being.


I have worked with Audrey Huberman since 2015. I work with children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and their families. She has counselled and supported many of my patients. Huberman has worked with them in various areas such as conflict resolution, problem-solving and well as helping my families in crisis. My patients have always talked very highly of the interactions they have had with her. She is extremely competent at what she does and has allowed my families to feel success at home and school.

Dr. Michelle Scholes
Family Doctor

At The Dunblaine School, we believe that the Health and Well Being of our students is critical to their academic growth and development. Since 2014, Audrey Huberman has been an outstanding speaker, educator and liaison to staff of the school, teaching executive function skills and promoting healthy thinking behaviour strategies that are constructive and practical. Her strategies are empowering and effective, and ultimately prepare individuals for lifelong success. Audrey’s compassion, honesty and dedication to her clients are admirable qualities that make her excel and achieve high standards in the field of Mental Health and Well Being.

Charleen Pryke

Audrey Huberman has been successful in providing my patients with insight into dealing with their problems in the areas of social interaction and confidence building. Her positive approach, personality and enthusiasm have resulted in positive feedback from my patients. I highly recommend Huberman’s services, which are provided in a professional manner.

Dr. Colin Geft

Audrey Huberman has the rare gift of connecting with kids from a place of deep support and coaching them to develop their social skills. I have seen her accomplish, in relatively short-term work, astonishing advances: Thanks to Audrey Huberman, children with social skills deficits learn to make and keep friends, to find a positive place in their peer group and feel better about themselves.

Joanne Kates

I have known Huberman for several years and have always felt most confident in referring children, parents and families to her private practice. Utilizing an empathic and solution-focused approach to the overwhelming challenges faced by parents today, Huberman has been able to teach and illustrate effective, concrete and tangible strategies for problem-solving and skill-building. Her ability to easily establish rapport allows her to guide clients to a more meaningful and tangible conclusion. Equipped with an improved skill set, children and parents are thus able to find greater and more positive success in everyday life situations. As a guest speaker/presenter for the organization, Huberman brings with her an engaging and enlightening perspective that parents have found most beneficial. Audrey is a professional whom I can wholeheartedly say truly makes a difference in the lives of the people that she serves!

Mimi Hoffman
Executive Director

Audrey Huberman first presented for Church Street Public School parent community in the spring of 2011. Her presentation on parenting strategies for supporting children’s school success was both well planned and executed. Audrey’s personable presentation style quickly put parents at ease as they participated in the interactive exercises that supported presentation content. Due to the positive feedback received from parents, Church Street Public School parent community asked Huberman to return for a second presentation. Again, our expectations were surpassed. The event drew a large audience and Audrey’s presentation and style were equally engaging, informative and on point.

The Church Street Public School parent community looks forward to having Huberman present again in the future, as she has been very successful in engaging parents and is beginning to develop meaningful relationships with them. Huberman’s extensive knowledge base about child development combined with her exemplary interpersonal skills results in an invaluable resource to our school community.

Nora Spence

Huberman’s practical approach helped the Toronto Anaphylaxis Education Group (a support and education group for families dealing with life-threatening allergies) with the social and emotional side of allergy management. In an interactive session, Huberman shared scripts and practical tools that our members can use in social situations to help with allergy management and advocacy every day. Huberman’s interactive style and practical solutions were very well received by our group.
As a parent of an allergic child myself, I have worked with Huberman and found her approach helped to manage the anxiety associated with food situations and gave us real tools that greatly helped our family.

Sarah Nicholl

On behalf of the parents and students in our community and school, we would like to thank Huberman for preparing and presenting her two workshops, one on Social Skills and the second on Anti-Bullying Strategies. These topics are so important to our students, their families and our staff. It was because Huberman’s first workshop was so well received by our parents that we invited her to do the second workshop for us.
Both presentations were extremely interesting and so well organized. The information shared was timely and incredibly useful. Huberman touched on so many ideas and her guidance will most certainly be put to good use. We greatly appreciate the informative and highly worthwhile sessions.

Beverly Kirsh
Monica Joshan
Lead Teacher

Huberman’s presented All Bases Covered, her resource manual for LD/ADHD at our monthly presentation evening. A large group of interested parents attended. Huberman’s positive, enthusiastic and engaging style resulted in a very interactive presentation in which parents felt comfortable to participate fully. Parents left with many strategies to promote healthy thinking and behaviour in parenting and teaching their children.

Lisa Fasken
Resource Facilitator

I’ve worked with Audrey for the past 5 years. She knows each of my kids and their specific needs. She tailors her sessions and advice in a way that each of my kids can understand. I hear and see my kids using the tools she has taught them as they face challenges and navigate school, friends and life. I am confident that my kids will know how to be more resilient, confident and successful in everything they do because of working with Audrey.

Parent on school-age children

We were very lucky to be referred to Audrey Huberman almost a year ago. Our son was experiencing social difficulties both at camp and at school. He was easily frustrated and angry and unable to overcome challenging situations without losing control. He knew he was not coping well. While we knew we needed to help him, we also recognized that we were ill-equipped to do it alone.
At our initial, introductory meeting, Audrey asked questions and listened. She was methodical and goal oriented and was able to assess our situation, communicate back to us what she heard our son was experiencing, and then establish very clear objectives for moving forward. A plan of action and timelines were also detailed. We knew immediately the fit was a good one and that we would be entering into a terrific partnership!

The ensuing therapy sessions were entirely practical and useful. Our son was part of the active process every step of the way: taking notes, drawing pictures, typing on the computer and generally working hard but in a fun and meaningful way. Audrey was able to connect with him and him with her. He trusts and respects her.

Our son has made tremendous progress since the early sessions. He has learned many invaluable insights. He is often able to apply his learnings in his everyday life and this is now a part of him. He references his workbook frequently, which provides ongoing guidance and acts as a refresher. The therapy process has been beneficial for the whole family, as we have all been fortunate to develop new thinking and coping skills. The education never ends, and we are thankful to have such a great support system in Audrey.

Parent of 9-year-old son

The most disturbing effect of bullying is the loss of self-confidence that drains the spirit of a child and affects his ability to learn and to function. Bullying at school had demoralized our son, affected his marks and isolated him from his peers. He had no friends, was lonely and humiliated.

Huberman empowered our son by giving him life skills to improve his interpersonal relationships. She gave him a place to express his deep frustration, helped him believe in himself, and taught him strategies to help deal with a toxic school environment.

With a fresh start in a new school, our child was well-equipped to make friends and have successful peer relationships. Now our son looks forward to going to school. He has friends who like him and give him the companionship that all kids deserve.

Huberman’s sessions offered us a chance to support our child, and reinforce his new skills. In outlining the long-term damage that bullying can have on a child’s psyche, Huberman showed us the necessity of changing schools to allow the healing process to begin. Thanks to Huberman, an enormous weight has been lifted from our entire family.

Parent of 12-year-old son

We took our (then) 11-year-old son to Huberman when he was having difficulty dealing with his physical disability vis-à-vis relating to others whose help he needed with mobility and dealing with the frustration of not being able to participate in activities with his peers.

Huberman worked with our son and us to help him get a better understanding of his feelings and put them in perspective. She had a very clear way of helping him focus on all the things he could do (and do well) rather than dwelling on those things he couldn’t do. She also delved into how actions make other people feel and taught him how to assess situations and showed him how to present himself in such a way that people would want to help him when help was needed.

Huberman also helped our son look inside and reflect on situations where he needed help and those where he could be more independent. She would give him ‘assignments` between appointments to help him solidify new attitudes and behaviour. By including me in the sessions, I could reinforce the behaviours at home. All in all, the experience with Huberman was extremely positive for us. She has a lovely manner and excellent rapport that together with her skill and insight led to excellent results.

Parent of 11-year-old son

During the past several months, my family has been fortunate enough to be in the care and guidance of Audrey Huberman. Our collective goal was to be given the right tools and to learn how to utilize these tools, in order to maintain a peaceful and productive environment at home. Not only was this goal achieved, but it far surpassed our greatest expectations.

We, as parents have an entirely new understanding of our 3 children and their various needs. Our overall behaviour and attitude as a family unit have changed since we have been involved with Huberman’s program. Through her perseverance, understanding, and guidance, we have managed to implement all we have learned throughout this process. We are looking forward to continued success within our family, and want to thank Huberman for all her advice and patience…we have all come a long way!!!

Parent of 12-year-old son

Audrey Huberman helped my family navigate through a difficult time in my son’s life. I feel that she has a genuine compassion, a great sense of humour, and a strong moral commitment as a therapist.

We had a problem in finding a school that was a good fit for our son who has a learning disability writing, but could read at a very high level. He was frustrated and underachieving, was bullied, (began to fight back), and was neglected intellectually by his teachers. For most of a year, he was allowed to sit outside the classroom reading by himself. Although he ended up finishing some truly spectacular works of fiction, his life as a student was desperate and our home life reflected that. It took a few tries to find the right school. Through all that time we met with Huberman and was supported in improving our approach as parents and advocates. She was an ally in meeting with the school to try to work out a more positive approach between all involved. These meetings were difficult but useful in the decision to look for a new school and ultimately moving him mid-year.

Throughout this crisis, Huberman worked with my son to improve his attitude and behaviour at school and home. He is now in a school that he enjoys, feels safe in and will be successful in.

We still go back occasionally to fine-tune a few issues. I have to say I enjoy the sessions. We will probably keep going…..since adolescence is around the corner.”

Parent of 11-year-old son

Huberman has worked with our son for the past year. She has shown tremendous support, caring and concern for his development and has always made his needs a priority. Huberman understands our son’s needs and works with him in a very positive and encouraging manner. He is always excited to meet with her and greets her with a huge smile each week, and it is always reciprocated.

Parent of 10-year-old son

We are extremely happy and grateful to have Audrey as a member of our team, and wholeheartedly recommend her to other families with children who have different learning styles and social or emotional challenges.

Audrey has been working with our 7-year-old son with PDD-NOS for a year, teaching him about empathy, anger management, problem-solving and impulse control. She always speaks to our son in ways that appeal to him, which is so important in getting him to express himself more appropriately. And she has become a trusted friend to him. So much so that when our son has a difficult moment or something to share, he often emails Audrey for answers, encouragement or a hug, and she always responds with good advice and praise.

Equally important, Audrey is enjoyable to work with, one-on-one or as a member of our team who help our son outside of her program. She’s also tremendously helpful to us as parents to manage our own expectations and anxieties. She reminds us and helps us find the good even in difficult moments, so that we have the tools and confidence to persevere and be happy with our son and ourselves. Her advice provides us with valuable perspective, practical advice and much needed compassion.

As our son grows, we worry that he will no longer be able to rely on being so cute and vulnerable to excuse his social and emotional challenges, but we know that Audrey is teaching him the skills to be comfortable in his own skin and to be successful socially, emotionally and academically.

Parent of 7-year-old son

Part therapist, part coach, part miracle worker! With warmth and insight, Huberman radiates an infectious “can do” attitude and finds a positive way to look at every curveball thrown our way. She gained our daughter’s complete trust, and my husband and I have come to rely on her professionalism and instincts to guide us through many challenging situations.

Parent of 17-year-old daughter

Our teenage son was feeling very pessimistic about his social prospects. He felt lonely and lacked confidence. Since working with Audrey Huberman, we all have witnessed an amazing transformation. Our son has made good friends and always has weekend plans. He is happier and more confident. This is evident not only in what he relates to us but also in his whole demeanour. The best part is that he was able to achieve this while maintaining his individuality and without any conflict to his integrity.

Audrey Huberman has an infectious enthusiasm and is quickly able to gain trust and build rapport. She worked with our son to set practical goals and relentlessly followed up with him to see that they were realized. Huberman has an ability to frame obstacles in a positive light, using humour and her unique perspective to effectively educate children and adults to challenge their beliefs and reach higher.

We truly appreciate the outstanding work Huberman has done with our family and would recommend her to anyone seeking positive change with their life skills.

Parent of 17-year-old son

My son (age 12), knows that he needs to make friends, but just doesn’t want to because he sees no value in it. My son has a mild case of Asperger’s… Audrey Huberman was very instrumental in helping him see the importance of friends and how to make them. She walked him through a systematic process that showed him the importance of friends within a social framework, gave him the conversation tools to ‘break the ice’ and got his buy-in along the way. A critical factor in our success was her ability to relate to him directly. We are in the implementation phase now, and all indications show that our son has learned some valuable skills that will serve him for a lifetime.”

Parent of 12-year-old son

“Dear Audrey,
Thank you is not enough. I want to thank you for everything that you have done for me in the last few months. I feel that everyday I grow closer and closer to my goal. With your help, I’m sure I will get there with time and patience.”

S.B. Age 13

“Dear Huberman,
Thank you for everything you have done for me this season. You have inspired me, and have had a profound impact on me. Greater than I could ever imagine”

S.G. Age 16

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