Skills for Living

Building Skills for Life

At Skills for Living (SFL), we assist children, families and individuals of all ages achieve their goals. Our individualized services enhance mood, cognition, and action through skill-building in four core competency domains: Executive, social, emotional, and behavioural.

Counselling &

One-on-one individualized sessions for all ages. Identifying target areas and strengthening skills to improve overall social-emotional well-being at home, work, and school.

School Presentations &
Community Workshops

Audiences of shared interests benefit from expertise in child development, cognitive health, and social-emotional wellbeing. Participants enrich their personal and professional knowledge banks.


Launching Little Executives! Small group programs for children between the ages of 3-10. Children learn from skilled leaders how to improve key executive function skills and strengthen cognitive pathways.

Parent Training
& Co-parenting Plans

Parents of diverse forms (i.e. two-parent, single, blended, separating/ divorcing) learn best practices for supporting their child(ren)’s growth and development. Enhancing balance in the evolving family system.

At every age it's common to feel overwhelmed by personal, professional and academic demands, which can diminish life satisfaction. SFL understands the underlying neural processes of stress and frustration. Our methods aim to reduce the adverse effects of life's pressures by focusing on four Core Competency Domains — executive, social, emotional, and behavioural.

Regardless of age, difficulty in any of the Core Competency Domains cause strain and exhaustion. This impedes cognition and leads to more adverse outcomes. Interrupting this negative feedback loop translates to fulfilling social connections, healthy emotional well-being and easier task completion.

SFL Core Competency Domains

Slide Social Skills

The strategies that individuals use to connect with one another. SFL provides the training needed to make the strong social connections that translate into academic, personal, and professional success.
Slide Behavioural Skills

Enable individuals to make connections, manage mood and achieve goals. SFL teaches the strategies necessary for competent goal-directed behaviours that support the attainment of desired outcomes.
Slide Executive Skills

Cognitive skills that support goal-directed thoughts and actions. We focus on regulation, planning, organizing, prioritizing, shifting, memorizing and checking.
Slide Emotional skills

The strategies that individuals use to self-regulate and manage daily stressors. SFL teaches how to modulate arousal, manage negative thought patterns and increase behaviours that lead to the calm, focused state where goals are achieved.
Social Skills Behavioural Skills Executive Skills Emotional Skills